Terms and Conditions

Payments from our clients

Payment is due at the time of the invoice.

Payments from our client's registrants/members

Our clients determine which forms of payment they accept for their event and/or membership. This includes but is not limited to: online credit card payments, cheques, cash, and purchase orders. The clients also determine when the payment is due and what the refund policy is. Please check the appropriate information for each event on the event's website or by contacting the event organizers.

Delivery of Services to our clients

MV Technology Solutions Inc. provides their event and membership management system based on the Software As A Service (SAAS) model. Our clients have immediate access to our services once an account has been setup for them. In most cases a payment is not required before access to the services is available.

Delivery of Services to our client's registrants/members

It is our client's responsibility to deliver the services that their registrants paid for. MV Technology Solutions Inc. only collects the payments as a service for the event organizers/organizations. The services and when they are delivered are outlined on the event's website. Please check each site for details.