Privacy Policy

What does this policy cover?

This policy covers any personal information we collect about our clients and/or the personal information we collect in the name our clients from their registrants. This usually includes name, address, contact information (such as phone numbers and email addresses) as well as any other information that is required to organize an event and/or administrate memberships.

Who is responsible for this policy?

MV Technology Solutions Inc. is responsible for this policy.

What do we use our client data for?

The information of our clients is used to administrate the business relationship with them. This includes billing purposes as well as contacting them to support the use of our services. We do NOT share our client information with any third party unless it is absolutely necessary for our business relationship.

What do we use our client registrants data for?

Our clients determine what information they need to collect in order to organize their event and/or to administrate their memberships. It is our client's responsibility to ensure that they use the collected information appropriately. It is our responsibility to make sure that unauthorized access is not possible and that improper use by our staff is prohibited. MV Technology Solutions does NOT share any information collected by our clients with any third party unless we are obligated by law.

Security of your personal data

To protect any personal information about our clients as well as the registrants of our clients we have implemented technologies and policies. These are in place to prohibit unauthorized acccess and/or improper use. As required we will update these technologies and policies.

Creditcard Information

The creditcard information of our clients and their registrants is handled by Elavon which is an accredited merchant service provider. Elavon's PCI compliance program takes a comprehensive approach to helping us securely manage cardholder data. MV Technology Solutions Inc. does NOT store any credit card information on their servers. Payments by credit card online are processed using 128 bit encryption.