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Teacher attending 2013 DDD
Delta School District

  • Surrey Teachers Association

    The Surrey Teachers Association holds an annual conference for approx. 5,000 teachers.

    easyREG client since 2003.

    • Approx. 3,000 registrations each year

      About 3,000 teachers register for the event and the workshops offered each year.

    • Custom themed website

      The client is using one of our standard templates which colour scheme was adjusted to match their logo.

    • Up to three different locations

      The convention has up to three different major locations offering different main themes.

    • Approx. 170 workshop proposals turn into 150 workshops

      The online form captures 170 workshop proposals each year. The proposals are reviewed and 150 of them are accepted. The proposals are processed by a click of the button and the proponents receive an automatic notification of the decision in seconds.

    • Approx. 50 exhibitor applications

      The exhibitor apply using our online form. Any communication with them is quickly handled through easyREG.

    (Teachers of Home Economics Specialist Association)

    THESA holds an annual conference for approx. 200-250 teachers.

    easyREG client since 2003.

    • Out of the box website

      The automatically generated website contains all the information registrants need, e.g. hotel information, keynote, contests, and workshop descriptions.

    • Online creditcard payments

      Registrants have the option to pay their conference fees online by VISA or MasterCard. Receipts are generated and printed out for the conference.

    • Personal Schedules

      Each registrant receives a Personal Schedule when they check in which shows all the common events as well as their personal workshop selections.

    • Workshop fees

      Some workshops have fees attached to them which are collected at the time of registration. Receipts are issued for each workshop by a mouse click.